La Source multimédia

Custom development

FileMaker Solutions

Looking for Digital Asset Management, Portfolio Asset Management, Customer Relationship Management (CRM) solutions, or a dynamic website back office? We develop solutions that meet your specifications.

Web development

PHP + MySQL / FileMaker

Data-driven websites, online catalogues, forums, blogs, online stores, etc.

To fit our clients' needs, we develop with FileMaker, MySQL, PHP and many other popular web technologies. We specialize in developing custom data-driven websites and web-based applications.

FileMaker hosting

FM Connection

  • FileMaker Pro / FileMaker Go connections
  • Instant Web Publishing (IWP)
  • PHP websites
  • Daily backups
  • No long-term commitment
  • fmMyAdmin - Full online administration

FileMaker training

FM Université

As FileMaker development experts and FileMaker Authorized Trainers, we offer regularly scheduled FileMaker Pro 11 classes in France as well as on-site training.

We are the French translators of the FileMaker Training Series. Our 5-day courses in French are available at beginner and advanced levels. Custom FileMaker training is also available.

La Source multimédia is a French company specializing in developing custom FileMaker solutions and websites designed to meet your needs. Our team can efficiently analyze, develop and deploy the database solutions that meet your requirements. Since 1998, La Source multimédia develops custom softwares and internet, intranet & extranet websites using FileMaker™ Pro, MySQL™ and PHP technologies.